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Black Sabbath – Technical Ecstasy (Very Rare)

Hand signed by: Ozzy Osbourne – Tony  Iommi – Geezer Butler – Ward

Technical Ecstasy is the seventh studio album by English rock band Black Sabbath, produced by guitarist Tony Iommi and released in September 1976. The album was certified Gold on 19 June 1997 and peaked at number 51 on the Billboard 200 Album chart  ”We recorded the album in Miami, and nobody would take responsibility for the production. No one wanted to bring in an outside person for help, and no one wanted the whole band to produce it. So they left it all to me!” In the liner notes to the band’s 1998 live album Reunion, Phil Alexander writes that while the band were struggling to finish the album “rock had spawned a new set of iconoclasts as the Sex Pistols, the Clash and the Damned led the UK rock explosion. Suddenly Sabbath found themselves both unsure of their musical direction and labeled as has-beens.” “It’s not like now: If you’re a heavy metal band, you put out a heavy metal album,” Butler explained to Uncut in 2014. “Back then, you had to at least try to be modern and keep up. Punk was massive then and we felt that our time had come and gone.

The cover art was designed by Hipgnosis. Osbourne once described it as “two robots screwing on an escalator.” Hipgnosis’ Storm Thorgerson, who had been assisted by graphic designer George Hardie, discussed the cover with Zoom magazine in 1979: “We’re very fond of that cover. From the title of the piece, Technical Ecstasy, I thought of something ecstatic rather than something technical, and I immediately thought of ecstasy in sexual terms: some sort of mechanical copulation, which would be tricky to do. I then thought of ecstasy as falling in love, perhaps during a brief encounter on an escalator – and, since it was ‘technical’, I thought of two robots…It’s really quite simple – he’s just done curves for the female and hard, angular, macho lines for the male. It’s really quite sexist, actually – stereotyped. Anyway, it’s love at first sight, but I felt robots wouldn’t do it like humans would do it, so instead they’re squirting lubricating fluid at one another.”

Custom Designed Vertical Award Style with Genuine RIAA Platinum Award Album

Measures: 20” x 40” x 2”

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