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Blondie – The Best Of Blondie

Hand signed by: Deborah Harry – Clem Burke – Jimmy Destri – Nigel Harrison – Frank Infante – Chris Stein

The Best of Blondie (released in Germany and the Netherlands as Blondie’s Hits) is the first compilation album by the band Blondie. Released in October 1981, the album peaked at #4 in the UK, #30 in the US, and became their only #1 album in Australia.   The album was issued in several versions with different track inclusion and running order which varied slightly between North American and international editions of The Best of Blondie, highlighting the popularity of particular songs in different countries. The US and Canadian editions included “One Way or Another”, which was not issued as a single in Europe. The international version of the album included three songs that were not on the US release: “Denis”, “Picture This” and “Union City Blue”.

Custom Designed Album Cover with Custom Name Plaque

Measures: 22” x 20” x 2”

(480) 275-4501
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