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George Harrison – Extra Texture

Hand Signed by George Harrison

Extra Texture (Read All About It) is the sixth studio album by English musician George Harrison, released in September 1975. It was Harrison’s final album under his contract with Apple Records and EMI, and the last studio album issued by Apple. The release came nine months after his troubled 1974 North American tour with Ravi Shankar and the poorly received Dark Horse album. The melancholic mood of the recording reflects Harrison’s depressed state at the harsh criticism generated by these projects.

Among his solo releases, Extra Texture is notable as the only album whose lyrics are devoid of any obvious spiritual message. Uniquely also, it was recorded mostly in America rather than England, while Harrison was working in Los Angeles in his role as head of Dark Horse Records. Gary Wright, David Foster, Jim Keltner, Jesse Ed Davis, Leon Russell, Tom Scott, Billy Preston and Jim Horn were among the many contributing musicians. The keyboard-heavy sound incorporates elements of soul music and the influence of mellow-voiced Smokey Robinson, signalling a further departure by Harrison from the rock and folk-rock approach of his popular early-1970s work. Contrasting with the musical content, the album’s art design adopted an upbeat theme, which included an innovative die-cut cover.

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