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Jimi Hendrix Artwork

Jimi Hendrix

On May 12th 1967 the world first heard the music of Jimi Hendrix, with the release of his first Album “Are You Experienced.” And today  the world will experience the rest of Hendrix’s genius, with the first official release of his visual art and the art of his written lyrics.

As is occasionally the case with the very talented, Jimi did not limit his creative expression to only his guitar. Along with his music he has left us with a small but wonderful body of beautiful paintings and drawings done in artistic styles very similar to his music. Much like in his recordings, Jimi produced lyrical landscapes that the mind could run free in, and abstract works that rise off the paper like psychedelic notes pulled from the air. For the devotee to the music the images will be recognizable as places and feelings they have been brought to before, through the power of Jimi’s music.


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