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Paul McCartney / Paul McCartney – London Town

Paul McCartney & Wings – London Town

Hand signed in Black Marker by: Paul McCartney – Linda McCartney – Denny Laine

London Town is the sixth studio album by the band Wings, released in 1978.

Recording the album was a long and tumultuous project which saw the loss of two band members, the birth of a baby and the release of the then best-selling single in British history. Wings band member Denny Laine covered “Children Children” and “Deliver Your Children” in 2007 on his album Performs the Hits of Wings.   After the commercial zenith of 1976 with Wings at the Speed of Sound and its well-received Wings Over the World tour, leader Paul McCartney planned on making 1977 a similar year. However, things did not quite work out as planned.

In February 1977, sessions began at Abbey Road Studios and continued until the end of March. Here, Wings recorded five songs: Girls’ SchoolName and AddressLondon TownChildren, Children and B-Side to Seaside, later issued on the flip-side of the Linda McCartney’s single, Seaside Woman(under the name Suzy and the Red Stripes). Initial plan of touring the US again was thwarted by wife Linda’s discovery that she was pregnant with the couple’s third child (Mary was born in 1969 and Stella in 1971). With the knowledge that they had time at their disposal – and always looking for different locales to record in – Wings found themselves moored on a yacht called “Fair Carol” in the Virgin Islands during the month of May where several new songs were recorded. Reflecting the nautical locale, the album’s initial working title was Water Wings. As Linda’s pregnancy progressed, McCartney called a halt to the sessions for the album, save for the recording of a track called “Mull of Kintyre” that August and the completion of an already-begun song entitled “Girls’ School”, which would be Wings’ one and only release in 1977.

Custom Designed Vertical Award Style with Genuine Platinum Award Album

Measures: 20” x 40” x 2”

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