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Pink Floyd – The Wall

Hand signed by Mason, Gilmour, Waters and Wright.

The Wall is signed by Mason, Gilmour, Waters and Wright. Like their previous albums, The Wall is a concept album which deals largely with the theme of personal isolation. The concept was inspired by the band’s 1977 tour promoting the album Animals, with regards to an incident where Roger Waters’ frustration with the audience reached a point where Waters spat in the face of a fan who was attempting to climb on stage at the Olympic Stadium on 6 July, 1977; this, in turn, led him to lament that such a wall exists. The Wall featured a notably harsher and more theatrical sound than their previous releases. The main character, “Pink”, is largely based on Waters’ own personal life. Pink struggles in life from an early age, having lost his father in World War II (“Another Brick in the Wall (Part 1)”), been abused by teachers (“The Happiest Days of Our Lives”), smothered by an overprotective mother (“Mother”), and deserted by his wife later on (“Don’t Leave Me Now”) — all of which factored into Pink’s isolation from society (“Comfortably Numb”), figuratively referred to as “The Wall”. In 2003, Rolling Stone listed The Wall as #87 in Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. The Wall sold over 30 million copies (60 million units) worldwide[1][2] and is the world’s best-selling double album of all time.


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