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The Police – Reggatta de Blanc

Hand signed in bold silver paint pen by: Sting – Stewart Copeland – Andy Summers

Custom Designed Vertical Award style with Genuine Platinum Award Album.

Measures: 20” x 40” x 2”.

Regatta de Blanc took four weeks to record, spaced over several months. Unlike its successor, Zenyatta Mondatta, there was no pressure on the band. Stewart Copeland described it, “We just went into the studio and said, ‘Right, who’s got the first song?’ We hadn’t even rehearsed them before we went in.”

Against the wishes of A&M, who had wanted to equip the promising band with a bigger studio and more famous producer, the Police opted to again record at Surrey Sound with Nigel Gray.The small budget (between £6,000 and £9,000) was easily covered by the profits of their previous album, Outlandos d’Amour,further ensuring that the record label would have no control over the actual creation of the band’s music.


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