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Ringo Starr Artwork

Ringo Starr

This is Ringo Starr’s first collection of artwork. There are 14 different images limited to only 100 of each. They are all numbered and hand signed by Ringo. Image sizes vary from 14×17 to 36×48 and are Giclee on paper. They are fun, bright and contemporary. A must for any collector or just a wonderful piece of art and history to have. All of the artist’s proceeds will go to benefit the Lotus US foundation Charity.

“Most of the titles for my pieces arrived because on computer you have to call them something , so I have. The easy way to look at it is, if it has a hat on – it will probably be called Hat Man” – Ringo 2005 “In its way “Pop” art is always changing – like “Pop” artists. It’s a natural move of things like pop music and even Popeye the sailor man.” – Ringo 2005

“I like Rembrant, VanGogh, Shonberg, Condo, Nall, Max, the list is endless”- Ringo 2




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