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Stacey Wells

Stacey Wells

Artist Stacey Wells, grew up in the beauty of North Vancouver. When Stacey was the tender age of two, her father, Warner Wells was tragically killed in a plane crash, when someone put a bomb on the plane he was piloting. Because of this Wells spent countless hours at her grandparents on the water front in West Vancouver. During enjoyable days skipping rocks with her grandfather, Wells fell in love with reflections.

Decades later, Wells travelled to Napa Valley on a reunion with her girlfriends , after visiting Cosentino Winery Wells was inspired by their Rock Star worthy wine and created a series of art she calls RockStar Reflections, to reflect the great times they had with music and wine. This series became immensely popular and has inspired several series of bottle paintings, such as, “Message in a Bottle”, “Hollywood and Wine” and a new series, featuring sultry beings called “Spin the Bottle”. And so the collectible series began, the perfect art to hang in your space and start a conversation. Ultimately Wells’ art brings you back to great moments in time, capturing “Time in a Bottle” to enjoy forever.

Wells, inspired by music, has a love for painting Rock Stars. Greatly intrigued by the Sunset Strip and its history, Wells has become a familiar face on the Strip, recently creating a collection of art reflecting back on great musicians that have made their way on the Strip and also featuring new talented bands that are paving their path, playing famous venues, such as the Roxy and the Viper Room. Wells has captured the essence of the Strip, art work created to make your space ROCK!

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