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Steve Miller Band – Greatest Hits 1974-78

Hand Signed by: Steve Miller

Greatest Hits 1974–78 is a compilation album by the Steve Miller Band released in November 1978. It has sold 13 million copies in the United States and is ranked 37th on the Recording Industry Association of America list of best selling albums. It also achieved Diamond certification in Canada (1,000,000 units) in 2003.  Two singles that reached No. 1 are “The Joker” which topped the charts on January 12, 1974 and “Rock’n Me” on November 6, 1976. As a sign of the album-oriented rock times, all but one track came from their last two albums even though they had eleven studio albums at the time. A prior greatest hits album, 1972′s Anthology, contained songs from the first five albums. The more comprehensive Young Hearts: Complete Greatest Hits in 2003 added early hits “Living in the U.S.A”, “My Dark Hour”, “Space Cowboy”, and “Shu Ba Da Du Ma Ma Ma Ma” and later hits “Abracadabra”, “Who Do You Love”, “I Want to Make the World Turn Around”, “Wide River”, and “Cry Cry Cry”, but dropped this album’s “True Fine Love” and “Winter Time”. On this 1978 album/CD release, the shorter 7″-inch single versions of “Jet Airliner”, “Swingtown”, “The Joker”, and “Fly Like an Eagle” are used. On the 2003 compilation, the original album versions are used (although the track “Fly Like An Eagle” still fades out earlier than its album counterpart).

Custom Designed Vertical Award Style with Genuine RIAA Platinum Award Album

Measures: 20” x 40” x 2”

(480) 275-4501
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