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Ted Nugent – Debut Release

Hand signed by: Ted Nugent

The new group hit the road and then the studio, forming the songs which would send their first album into the Billboard Top 30 and into the multi-platinum range. The first track, “Stranglehold”, would set the stage for Nugent’s career, an eight minute plus guitar attack with vocals by St. Holmes and Nugent, a healthy dose of a Gibson Byrdland guitar, a famous guitar solo recorded in one take and a unique phase bass guitar effect by Rob Grange. Songs such as “Stormtroopin’”, “Hey Baby”, “Just What the Doctor Ordered” and “Snakeskin Cowboys” (features an 8-string Hagstrom bass played by Rob Grange), (with St. Holmes providing lead vocals on all of them) would prove to be staples of the band’s wild concert tours for years to come. “Motor City Madhouse” is an ode to Ted’s hometown of Detroit.

Custom Designed Award Style with Genuine RIAA Platinum Award Album

Measures: 30” x 40” x 2”

(480) 275-4501
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