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Ted Nugent – Free For All

Hand signed by: Ted Nugent

Free-For-All is the second release from American guitarist Ted Nugent and his first album to go platinum.

Rhythm guitarist and lead vocalist Derek St. Holmes left during the recording of the album due to growing personal and creative conflicts with Nugent. However, St. Holmes did sing on the tracks “Turn It Up,” “Light My Way,” “Dog Eat Dog,” and an alternate version of “Street Rats”, which was cut from the album and ultimately released on the 1993 Epic/Legacy compilation album, Out of Control. St. Holmes returned to the group after Free For All was released, performing on the subsequent tour. Vocalist Meat Loaf, then an unknown, was brought in to sing on some of the album’s tracks that were meant for St. Holmes: “Writing on the Wall,” “Street Rats,” “Together,” “Hammerdown,” and “I Love You So I Told You a Lie.”

Custom Designed Vertical Award Style with Genuine RIAA Gold Award Album

Measures: 20” x 40” x 2”

(480) 275-4501
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