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Testimonials and Reviews


“Michael, When I first thought to my self that I wanted to get my father an Eagles band memorabilia piece I thought that it was going to be a daunting task. I first looked on ebay and saw that the prices were too good to be true. When I found rock star gallery I thought why not send them a message and you responded the same day. We sent back and forth around 30 emails and I could not be more satisfied with the way you guided me through the whole process. You made this purchase an experience and I would like to extend a huge thank you for that.

I opened the package I got today and was surprised to find that you included tee shirts and a CD as well as professional style gift wrapping. You truly care about your customers and I whole heartedly appreciate that! If there is anything I can do regarding writing a review for your store I would gladly do so because people should understand the way you conduct business.”

Happy holidays and thank you again

“Too good to be true, i have to say!!! I am headed out the door to go meet my Daughter at home, however, literally just received and opened your gift. And, couldn’t be more grateful. I honestly had to sit back down, and take it all in. I don’t think I have ever received such an amazing gift in my entire life. I truly don’t think I have. I’m speechless, which, as you know, knowing me, says a lot! Sincerest thanks from the bottom of my heart. Your gift means more to me than I can ever put into words. More than I think our friend Mr. Dylan can put into words too. Of course, if he tried, signed it, and, you ended up with it. I’d buy it. All said though, the whole thing is priceless. Especially your friendship. Honestly, I really think this is the greatest gift I’ve ever received, and I’ve received a lot in 50 years. Well, in turn, I can only give you my sincerest gratitude, and, heartfelt thanks. And, of course, at least another 50 years of friendship. Looking forward to that most of all. Of course, it will never be enough.

Thanks so much again, from the bottom of my heart. I really never can express how much this means, and, how much I appreciate it. Good thing I have many more years to do that too. If tomorrow were the last though, I have to say, I’d go out with a huge smile on my face. And, warmth in my heart. All thanks to you!!!

Have a great night, and, know you’ve more than made mine. You’ve made my next 50 years at least. back to you with more soon.”

Your friend always, Geoff

“Michael: What do you think?!! Awesome display, you guys are top notch for sure! Can you tell I’m an 80′s kid?? Mellencamp and Springsteen on each side of Prince! Thank you again, I’d love to tour your gallery sometime!!”


“I have always been interested in music growing up, my interest started with the Beatles to Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath all the great bands that have rock and rolled to where are today. Rock Star Gallery is one of those places that led me to buy the pieces I have today. The reason being that with all the music memorabilia that is available today, I could trust and be happy and be sure of the authenticity of any of my purchases. If I wasn’t sure I could contact Michael Dunn with any question and receive the answer that made me feel like a rock star. Thank you Michael, thank you Rock Star Gallery.”


“My experience with RSG has been extraordinary!
As a business owner, we all take pride as it relates to “service”, whether it be positive/negative.
You and your company exemplify those business practices on a daily business.

I was most appreciative that you personally responded to my questions related to products, pricing, and authenticity of your items.
I was even more impressed that you took the time to talk with me in length over the phone to share stories of musical artists that have both touched our lives.”

Although I may not be in the market at times financially to purchase many items, you give me the opportunity to work with you on price and negotiate options to make purchases more affordable.
My goal is to hopefully be able to travel to visit your gallery in Arizona, meet with you in person and bring back a piece of my musical dreams.”


“I love the Rock Star Gallery. The collection in the gallery takes my back to the 70’s – the best decade of Rock n Roll! Great service and most importantly, Micheal and staff are amazing historians of music and music collections. I make sure to visit every time I am in Scottsdale!”


“Rock Star Gallery-ROCKS! Great selection of memorabilia and Michael’s knowledge is unsurpassed.”


“I have been a classic rock memorabilia collector for over 15 years now. I have approximately 21 pieces in my collection. As time went on I kept looking for very unique and dated pieces that my source at the time could not provide. I was then referred to Michael Dunn of Rock Star Gallery through another collector. The relationship greatly changed from someone just trying to sell me another piece and moving on to someone who was truly working in my best interest and , understood and shared my passion behind their works of art.

Not only did Michael do the research and have the contacts to secure the Music art I was hoping for but the suggested design, matting and framing which was spot-on and unique. Soon we designed a couple pieces together with photos & posters that really personalized the art. He located a signed Kinks debut album (over 50 years old), Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys and John Lennon’s Imagine album which are among the most difficult ones to find. But my favorites have to be the autographed Woodstock album by the Who, the Beatles Abbey Road and a cherry-red Aerosmith guitar.

Last year I stopped by the Rock Star Gallery to meet Michael in person and share some rock history experiences. The Gallery is spectacular and the people who showcase it are very knowledgeable and personable. In the end, I find Rock Star Gallery and their ownership very credible, authentic, competitive and passionate in assisting me with my collection. They are good friends and partners which has made my purchases a truly enjoyable experience. I look forward to my next visit to their beautiful Gallery.”

Rock On…Mike

“The Rock Star Gallery is a top notch company that definitely delivers on their product!! I ordered a very cool item earlier this month and received it in excellent condition. The careful packaging and attention to detail on the protection of the item was above and beyond. The Gallery staff (Michael and Todd) answered all of my questions about the item via phone conversations and emails. They were up front and even sent dimensions of two separate frames, helping me make an informed decision as to the one that was best suited for me. I have visited their web site on several occasions and am blown away by the quality and items in the gallery. I know they are busy, but they answered all emails in a very timely fashion, and were very friendly! Thank you Rock Star Gallery for your awesome product and fast quality service!! I would love to do business with you again someday soon!!”


“After logging and exploring the Rock Star Gallery website for several years, I finally decided to inquire about an autographed Eagles; Hotel California album that I have wanted for quite some time.

Michael Dunn quickly responded to my inquiry, and we began a dialogue on the piece.

Our email discussions lead to a half hour phone conversation on not only the Eagles, but the history of Rock Star Gallery along with a few “very” interesting stories of Michael’s many experiences.

I wasn’t quite sure I could pull it off, but after Michael and I conversed that morning I was soon the proud owner of “Hotel California”.

It was like Christmas morning when the framed autographed album finally arrived. I couldn’t wait to open it. The framed album was nicer than I could have ever imagined. The professional framing of this album was outstanding and it really compliments the piece.

I have recently purchased another Eagles piece with plans to someday acquire a few other items from the gallery that I have my eye on.

I just need more money!

Thanks for all of your help Michael. Can’t wait to visit Rock Star Gallery and meet you in person.”


“As a novice autograph collector I would like to give a warm thank you to Michael and Scott from the “Rockstar Gallery.”
It can be very intimidating out there in a world of fraudulent autographs being passed off as legitimate pieces. Michael Dunn, owner of the gallery has helped educate me in my purchases and along with a “certificate of authenticity with a money back guarantee”. Each autograph is accompanied by a statement from a qualified, and independent forensic examiner.
My first purchase was that of a coloured 8”x10” autographed photo of “Eric Clapton.” When I received the shipment I was pleased with the well packaged item. It shows the length that Michael’s team of professionals go to from the initial sale through the museum quality framing, to the handling of the item for shipment. The added name plaque on the bottom of each piece is a classy touch!
In regards to pricing, I feel Rockstar Gallery is very reasonable, as I have since purchased my third autograph from Michael. One of which was a Birthday gift for my wife and Michael even went to the trouble of gift wrapping the photograph in this awesome gift paper!
Without hesitation, I would highly recommend Michael and Rockstar Gallery to any Aficionado of
Rock ‘n Roll memorabilia.”

Cheers, Ross
Toronto, Ontario Canada

“C’mon and Show Your Love”

“The reason I know about Van Halen to this day is because of my father. In fact, a large majority of my music interests and influences come from my father. Ironically, listening to Van Halen as a kid doesn’t come to my memory as easily as it does to David Lee Roth during his solo career, especially from his album “A Little Ain’t Enough.” Needless to say, Van Halen goes down in my book as one of my favorite groups of all time.
As my father is a guitar player, he loves his Fender Stratocasters and he does have more than one. It only made sense to pick this group as the artist of choice for a custom gift from Rockstar Gallery. Fortunately enough, I didn’t just stumble across Rockstar Gallery on the internet. A colleague of mine did a fair amount of business with the establishment due to his interests in music and rock and roll.

This summer, I wanted to do something very special for my dad and tie in one of his favorite artists, Van Halen, along with it. Approaching my colleague, I explained my situation and what my thought process was for the gift, and he was incredibly helpful in the process with introducing me to Rockstar and also explaining how ‘all signatures are verified through an outside (non-owned) forensic specialist…anytime you can get a signed debut album it’s the best choice.’

I was also fortunate enough to see the framing in person, where I immediately knew, this was very intricate and high quality work, not always easy to come by now-a-days. In addition to the designing, there was a lapse in time where I thought about everything thoroughly before making the final call to purchase. Never throughout the process did I feel pressured or urged to rush my decision, the customer service was very welcoming, helpful and rockin’!

The next steps are to actually come visit Scottsdale in 2017 with my girlfriend and visit the physical gallery for an in person experience, because I want to be experienced, just like Jimmy Hendrix. As a young professional, I am very proud to do work with such an establishment like Rock Star Gallery and recommend it to anyone who is very dedicated and passionate in authentic memorabilia. Thank you again Michael for everything.”


“Hey Michael, this is Cody. My girlfriend Marissa and I stopped by your shop a few weeks ago and spoke with you for awhile and you told me to check in with you when I got back to Colorado! Just wanted to say thank you for the great experience at your store. I was inspired and excited to hear about your journey to where you are now. It’s no wonder why you have had so much success with your business and with those around you. Continue to use your great personality and passion for serving others and your business and personal life will blossom as it already has. Looking forward to coming back in the store someday and buying that Jimi Hendrix photo ;) Thanks again! And
God bless!”


“My husband Rocky and I stumbled on the gallery via a web search for some cool artwork for our new home in Pacifica, CA……we settled on 3 amazing drawing by Mr Ronnie Wood and have since added 5 other pieces to our collection!! On a trip to Scottsdale we finally visited the Gallery (where we picked up on of the next five!) and we so impresses by the art as well as the staff….first rate!!
The next occasion was my hubby’s 50th birthday where I surprised him with an Eric Clapton display that included a guitar, sheet music, and album……it is breathtaking!!!!…..a centerpiece in our living room……
Most recently I found myself in AZ once again, this time our nephew was getting ready to start school at ASU. we went into the gallery and ended up purchasing a Doors gold album – spectacular!! This purchase arrived with a CD box set to my total surprise!!
I can go on and on but let’s say that we LOVE the gallery, the pieces, and the fantastic people……see you soon everyone!!!”

Shelly and Rocky

(480) 275-4501
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